The Right Choice. We Know What it Takes.
We are a “Viable and Valuable Near-Shore Solution”


We are different from many conventional service providers. We aim to be more agile, more responsive and more innovative than our peers. We encourage an entrepreneurial approach and employ some of the brightest talent in each of our respective sites. We certainly have cross functional expertise and our leadership Team’s held many senior positions in marketing, product management, technology and customer operations. Our combined experience exceeds 100+ years and we understand that business scars and knowing that we’ve learned from our experience gives you more confidence in doing business with us.

We’ve lead some of the most complex integrated Contact Centre projects and have managed to deliver within cost and quality. Every project proved to be successful and as a result we’ve had repeat business.

We also come with a wealth of experience managing people. Our Operations Group have managed Contact Centres as big as 2500 people and as small as an office of 5 Associates. We clearly understand that the bottom line is performance and the customer experience we deliver on your behalf.

We are a diverse but highly integrated organization with a large workforce. We are bound together by a strong shared ethos and a common professional approach. We aim to get things done, to share our clients’ objectives and ambitions and ultimately we want to serve.

Network capabilities

We focus on utilizing technology specifically as a tool to enable a powerful customer interaction environment. Although technology plays an important role in an effective model, we realize that it should not exceed solid human interaction. We utilize a strategic balance of technology and human communications to ensure strong results. We strive to become a powerful “behind the scenes” partner with each and every client

We manage resilient, secure, private and reliable network provided by leading telecom vendors in North America. Using our infrastructure and long term partnerships within the region, we can offer cost-effective and innovative services and the most complete multi-channel range of functionality (In/out-bound, e-mail, web-chat, etc.).

Finally, we offer guaranteed and scalable solutions. Our expertise means that we can provide complete end-to-end customizable solutions (Never too small or too large)

Our integration capabilities

Our investment in IT is unrivalled by our competitors in order to minimize your risk. We strongly believe that your business should never be compromised. Business transformation is relatively simple. We have strong technical staff experienced in integrating your systems into our customer support environment.

Our cost structure:

We are committed to building a cost model that will allow you to realize significant savings and an early ROI.
The outsourced model requires low capital (start-up) costs. Near-shore provides you with low operating (on-going) costs.