About Brown Hill Communications
We are an organization that clearly understands that in today’s Business Outsourcing world, the need exists for a client-centric, execution-focused near-shore Contact Centre without “cultural assimilation” issues that are associated with other far shore solutions. We are that organization.

To meet our client needs, we have put in place the necessary infrastructure, manpower and know how to run day to day Operations near-shore while meeting Customer Experience Measurements and Revenue Expectations within an effective cost model

Our initial facility is located in the Federation of St Kitts and Nevis in the eastern Caribbean, which is home to a workforce that is well-educated, with English as a primary language, is very motivated and loyal and is culturally compatible with North America.

As an organization, we combine customer service with elements of marketing and sales, turning every customer interaction into an opportunity to maximize the lifetime value of that customer. As a result we help build profitable long-term relationship.


Imagine less travel costs, no time zone differences and closer cultural compatibility

Many companies considering outsourcing focus on just the hourly rate. What they often fail to see is the total cost of engagement. Through the use of our mature and disciplined near-shore model, you have access to our highly skilled and motivated, English-speaking labour pool. In other words, improved cultural affinity, at an overall effective cost proposition


The right talent, technology and total cost of engagement

By combining the right talent, mature quality model, digitized processes and domain expertise, we are able to offer our clients services that are based on evolving Service Level Agreements (SLAs), which translates into a commitment on our end to always do more with less. To increase productivity, reduce costs, support more, deliver results faster, or any other combination that benefits our clients in a long-term and highly efficient relationship.


Integrated, robust, scalable multimedia contact centre solutions

We’ve invested in and built an integrated, multi-media customer contact centre and partnered up with “best in class” technology partners to provide robust scalable solutions.